Bydand Starting Over at Tyburn Woods (Sidney)

Sidney was born January 25, 2009 in Lexington, Virginia.and comes from Bill and Diane Klumb of  Bydand Havana Silk Dogs.   Sid's  sire is Ch. Bydand Start Me Up (Sonic) and his dam is Bydand Drangonheart by Lejerdell (Gremmie.).  Sid joined our family in April of 2009.  Sidney had big shoes to fill as we loved our Newfoundlands dearly and our last Newfoundland had just passed away months before Sid joined our family.   When we picked Sid up Diane told us that if we wanted a dog that would be loyal to one or two people that we had picked the wrong breed.  She said these dogs love everyone equally and are happy with anyone.  My husband thinks it is because I held Sid in my lap in his crate the whole way home from Virgina but Diane was totally wrong about Sid not having a favorite as Sid is intensely loyal to me.  He thinks his main job in life is to watch over me and when I leave to bring me home.  If I sneeze he runs to me to check that I am all right. I am equally devoted to him.  Sid is friendly and outgoing with everyone else as well and gets excited for visitors and family to return.   Sid loves life and loves to romp through our house and is very fast and athletic.  He is also very smart and intuitive.

Sid started his show career at the Toledo show in July 2009 and because I did not think I could show him myself as we had always used handlers for our Newfoundlands my sister in law showed him the first day and let's just say it was less than stellar.  The second day my friend Jen Haugland showed him and he took second out of a very competitive class.   After that I showed him myslef and he actually showed very well and he finished his junior championship in Toledo of 2010.   At his next show, in Richmond in June 2010,  in the winners class Sid won his first Award of Merit ("AOM".)   At his next show after that in Seattle in September of 2010 Sid won Best of Breed!   At the next show after that which was Nationals in Virginia Beach in October of 2010 Sid won another AOM in a very competitive winners ring.  He finished his championship in Florida in early 2011.   Sid is now retired and living a very good life with us. 

Sid does not carry for curly or satin.  He scored a 98 on his confirmation evaluation. We have completed his color testing and he is BB KBKy Ee atat.  Sids hips are good and he is 10 3/4 inches and since being neutered Sid has gained some weight and although he is well over 13.5 pounds which he never was before he looks and feels much better.

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