Sire Starborn Jefe Juan Pequeno

Dam Hurricane Ridge's Tyburn Woods Ms. G

The Oscar Winners are here!

 On February 24, 2012 Genny whelped 5 puppies during the Academy Awards so we named each of her puppies after the Oscar Winners.  The crew was born between 10:40 pm and 12:50 am.  The crew in birth order are Best Actor Winner Daniel Day Lewis ("Daniel"), Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence ("Jennifer"), Best Supporting Actress Anne Hathaway ("Anne"). Best Supporting Actor Christoph Waltz ("Christoph") and Best Picture Argo ("Argo.)


We had a bit of a rough week.  We lost little Anne at day 3 to a bowel obstruction.  We did everything we could do to save her but she is now in heaven hopefully making some little boy or girl very happy.  The rest of the litter is doing extraordinarily well.  All of the puppies doubled their weight in the first week and are happy, fat and very content.  They are tolerating their early neurological stimulation well.  Christoph continues to be the biggest puppy, followed by Argo, Daniel and then little Jennifer.  Isn't Jennifer going to be spoiled as the only girl!

The Oscar Winners are Two Weeks Old!