In 2007 the Havana Silk Dog Associaton of America ("HSDAA") was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The goals of the HSDAA is to preserve the Havana Silk Dog as a separate and rare breed.  As one of the most proactive dog clubs in the country, the HSDAA is committed to promoting and protecting the health of all Silks and encourages breeders and owners alike to take full advantage of available health testing.  You can be confident that if you buy a certified Silk from any HSDAA breeder, that dog will have completed and passed all of its requisite health tests and that it has has also submitted additional requirements.  Please click the link below  to go to the HSDAA website to learn more.  The HSDAA is the only registry that we are aware of that requires health testing and other important requirements before a litter can be registered with the HSDAA.  That does not mean that every dog will live to 15 years old and be free of health issues, but that we are doing everthing we can to see that it does.
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The HSDAA Standard for the Havana Silk Dog