Genny was born June 19, 2010 in Port Angeles, Washington and comes from Hurricane Ridge's Havana Silk Dogs.  Genny's dam is HSDAA Ch. Hurricane Ridge's Charly Girl (Ally) and her sire is HSDAA Ch. Bydand in the Mood at Concordia (Curtis.)   Genny's breeder is my good friend Jennifer Haugland and she and I got to know each other when we acquired littermates Sidney and Cleo from Bill and Diane Klumb in 2009.  Genny's sire, Curtis, is owned by our good friends Frank and Helen Conticchio who live in Winterville, North Carolina. Genny spent the first 8 months of her life at Tyburn Woods just  making everyone she met want to take her home with them.  She is exactly the dog that Diane Klumb told us Sid would be.  She loves everyone and is extremely outgoing.  Genny would go home with a stranger as long as they were loving and treated her well and she never misses a beat.  She has a truly bulletproof personality and has sailed through everything she has encountered thus far including traveling, showing, breeding, whelping and raising her puppies. 

Genny's life as a show dog began in February of 2011 in Orlando, Florida when she was just 8 months old.  She won her class both days with two majors and an Award of Merit in her very first show!   She finished her junior championship at the next show in Durham, North Carolina and ended up in the winners ring again after winning a very large class of 8 dogs.   The next time Genny was shown was in September 2011 in Southern California at the SOCAL Classic.  She was entered in the winners ring for the first time as a junior champion and walked away with a Best of Breed, which is quite an accomplishment for a young dog.  She was also awarded Best Puppy.  At Nationals in October of 2011 in Virginia Beach, Virgina Genny was shown in the winners class again and she ended up winning Best of Opposite and Best Puppy!  We were thrilled and amazed!  Genny picked up two more Award of Merits in March of 2011 while in North Carolina being bred to Posh.  She literally bred on Friday and won an Award of Merit on Saturday and then bred again on Sunday morning and we ended up entering her again on Sunday at the last minute before flying home and she won another Award of Merit!     Genny resumed her showing career at Nationals in 2012 after her first litter.  On Friday she won BOB and her father Curtis was BOS!  We were pretty excited that a Curtis offspring finally beat their father.  On Sunday Curtis won BOB and Ally, Genny's mom won BOS.  Genny won an AOM that day.  Genny along with her mother, Ally, and daughter, Pippa, won the Best Generations Class, which we were very proud of.  Genny also stood behind her father Curtis, and with her siblings Enzo and Maya to help Curtis win the 2012 Stud Dog Class.   Genny whelped her second litter in February of 2013 and 12 weeks later won BOS to her father Curtis who as BOB in Chicago in May of 2013  Throughout the rest of 2013 Genny won another BOB, a BOS and two AOM's.  At Nationals in 2013 she not only won an AOM but won the Brood Bitch class with her sons Crosby and Argo behind her and also won the Generations Class with Curtis and Argo. She also stood behind her father Curtis who won the Stud Dog Class.  2014 was a very big year for Genny as she won 6 BOB's 9 BOS's and culminating with the first ever Best In Specialty Show on Friday at Nationals.  She also stood behind her father Curtis who won the Stud Dog Class.   In 2015 she has won 3 BISS wins. 

In 2014 HSDAA instituted Grand Championships by which dogs accumulating 50 Grand Champion points can become a Grand Champion. There are also 5 additional levels that a dog can achieve for every incremental 50 Grand Champion points they accumulate: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.  At Nationals in 2014 Genny was awarded her Silver Grand Championship.  We were very  proud of this accomplishment at the age of 4 given that she had taken time off from showing to have 2 litters during that time period.  Genny was the second most winning dog behind her father Curtis, who was awarded his Diamond Grand Championship.  Genny's son Crosby was also awarded his Grand Championship at 2 years of age.

Genny enjoys robust health and has passed all of her required health testing.   Her blood values are always perfect.  Her hips are very good and she does not carry for curly or satin.  Genny is 10 inches and 10 1/2 pounds.  Genny is a gold sable and her color testing reveals she is BB KyKy Ayat Ee.


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