Genny's Royal Wedding Affair

Genny was bred in March of 2012 to Starborn Black Tie Affair (Posh.)   Both Posh and Genny are similar in structure.  They also both have really nice movement as you can see in the pictures below.    Posh lives in North Carolina with Tom and Pam King of Starborn Havana Silk Dogs.  Posh also happens to be Aidan's dad.  He is a proven stud dog with a lot of really nice puppies on the ground.  We wanted a proven stud for Genny's first litter.  Additionally this litter is a Brackett line breeding although still representing relatively good genetic diversity.  These puppies will have a five generation  COI of only 12% which is very good for a Silk dog.   Neither Genny or Posh carry for curly or satin so none of the puppies will carry for either.
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Genny's Royal Wedding Affair

 On May 9, 2012 Genny whelped 4 puppies born between 5:26 and 6:53 am.  Since the weekend before her whelping I spent a lot of time watching the one year anniversary of Prince Wiliam and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding we decided that the theme of this litter is Genny's Royal Wedding Affair.  We also liked the Affair theme in honor of the sire, Starborn Black Tie Affair (Posh.) 

Born first at 5:26 am and weighing 6.95 ounces was Prince William or Wills as we call him.  Wills  is a beautifully marked black irish pied.    Born second at 5:43 am and weighing 5.4 ounces was our petite Catherine or Kate as we call her.  She is also a beautifully marked black irish pied.  Born third at 6:16 am and weighing 5.85 ounces is Wills brother, Prince Harry.  Handsome Harry is black with white markings.  Finally, at 6:53 am and weighing 6.35 ounces was Kate's sister, Pippa.  Pippa is black with white on her back toes.

Two weeks old

 The Royal Wedding affair litter is now two weeks old.  All of their eyes are open now.  Wills and Harry were first on day 11 and the girls followed on day 12.   The puppies have all tripled their birth weight and are continuing to enjoy mom's milk although Genny is starting to spend more time outside of the whelping box when she is not nursing or tending to the puppies.   I am so excited to have her back  as she could not tear herself away from her puppies at the beginning and was very protective.  Wills also climbed out of the whelping box this week and was pretty surprised to find out what was on the other side!  No littermates, mom or warmth.   Luckily I was sitting right there.  They are a very content bunch and I am wondering if I should start going about my life a bit as I have spent the last two weeks basically watching them and the only time I was needed was when Wills climbed out of the box.  We are getting ready to move them next week to the sunroom.  So far they have spent the first two weeks of their life in my bedroom or our den.  I move them around wherever I am and have two identical boxes so they don't know the difference.   They have been receiving their early neurological stimulation since day 3 and tolerating it pretty well.  Pippa is the easiest going and the other three are all pretty similar.  Here are the pups from oldest to youngest.  

Three weeks old

The pups made a lot of progress this week.  They learned to potty train themsevles most importantly!  They are 100% effective at using a pad that I have placed in their whelping box.  Like magic!  They have also found one another and play and gnaw on each other and play growl.  It is so cute!  They also have begun to seek out and appreciate human interaction.  They are also getting ready for a new environment.   At 3 1/2 half weeks we plan to move them into a ex pen during the day and give them a little more room.  We are also going to move them to our sunroom where there is plenty of sunshine and warmth from the cozy den they have lived in so far.  At night I will still take them up to my bedroom so we can all be close but they are moving into the little entryway to our bedroom rather than right next to my bed.  All in all this will be a big week for the pupsters.  At four weeks we will introduce some food to them so that is a step away from total reliance on Genny.  They nurse less often during the day and especially at night when Genny is in bed with us.   So far they have been easy and a total joy.

The four week olds!

 The puppies moved to the ex pen this week and started eating some solid food.  Their potty training continues but we still need to be diligent about it as their area has expanded.  They are really like little dogs as they move now.  They no longer look like they had a iittle too much to drink.  They are also starting to enjoy playing with toys and each other!  

We are Five Weeks Old!

 This was a tough week for the puppies.  First of all their teeth came in, which meant they want to chew on everything they can find and they learned the word no for the first time. Human mom actually showed displeasure to them when they tried chewing the pee pads and her toe!   Second and worst of all, their wonderful loving mother turned into Cujo whenever they tried to nurse.   Genny will only let them nurse if forced.  Her weaning plan was so abrupt they did not know what hit them.  They were only really eating their food a little and playing more than eating so they had to start eating food or not be very full.  Of course they handled it all very well and are a playful loving bunch of babies.  

Our Sixth Week!

 The last week has been totally a blast but a lot of work.  The puppies are doing really, really well on their housetraining.  They have been transitioning beautifully  to solid food and all are eating well.   They are playing pretty hard and they are up much more of the day.  They have learned to bark and growl and like hearing their voices.  They still sleep a lot but instead of being up for 1/2 hour between naps they are up for an hour or so between naps.  They are sleeping through the night but their day begins a little ealier than mine or the big dogs would normally get up.  It gets light here about 5:15 am and the pups think it is party time then!  If I let them play for a half hour then they will go back to sleep for another hour or so and we can get our beauty sleep.  

Kate has probably won out for alpha of the litter.  She pushes the envelope and gets the most corrections from me.   She hasn't met a pee pad she doesn't want to chew!  I don't even know what to say about Wills except that he is just such a character and so stunning to look at.   He looks like a stuffed animal that Sid has as a puppy.  The blacks as we call them are sweet and starting to come into their own.   Harry is a lover and likes to challenge Wills and Kate constantly.  Pippa holds her own as well and is just so darn cute.  All in all they are a total joy in every way.

Can you believe we are 7 weeks?

 These puppies are getting to be so much fun!  They are playing really, really rough with one another and Genny has to intercede when it gets too rough.  Genny also spends a lot of time getting them to submit to her,  which the boys do much sooner than the girls.  They all are vying for human attention.  They started eating their permanent hard kibble this week and  absolutely love it compared to the mush I was preparing for them.  They continue to have lots of visitors and love everyone.  This Tuesday is temperament testing day and we will be soaping and evaluating them next week as well.  I suspect some will submit to that better than others.  We lost Harry for a bit this week on a trip outside and ultimately found him wandering through the house as proud as can be of himself!  Scared the heck out of me.  Harry is a little Houdini.  He can escape from any gate or other barrier.  They have started chewing on wires  and how much fun it can be to wrap themselves in them.   I think they are starting to think their names are "No"!   Kate is clearly the alpha of the litter.  Pippa is the most laid back followed by Harry.  Wills is so strong that you cannot hold him without putting both hands on him firmly.  His back legs are so muscular already.  I have been trying to teach them to show me their teeth which some tolerate better than others.

They are all beautiful inside and out.  

The Nine Week Olds!

 Well week nine was the last week here for some of the pups.  They turn 10 weeks on July 18th and the first one goes home that day.  So we will be cherishing every moment with them in the coming week.  Harry will be going to a pet home in Pittsburgh, which we are really excited about because we are looking forward to watching him grow.  Pippa is going to a show home in Pittsburgh and we will see her often.  Wills is going to a show home in North Carolina and he leaves on July 19th.  We are still watching Kate to see if she will go to a show or pet home.  Both homes are wonderful so she will be  a very lucky girl in either event.  Wiils went for his Cerf testing this week because he was leaving before I was taking the rest of the ltter for their Cerf test.  His sight was fine and he was a big hit with all the ladies.  

The pups personalities continue to emerge.  Kate is mellowing a little and Wills is a very busy boy!  Harry and Pippa continue to be the biggest snugglers and capture everyones's hearts.  Wills and Kate are very flashy and very bold most of the time but the older they get they are all evening out.  Next week we will begin posting their pictures with their new families.  Genny and I leave for California in two weeks for a dog show so the timing is good as I am not sure how I can live without these little guys.  It will be a very quiet house!

10 Weeks Old and time for our new homes!

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 This has been the busiest week for the pups so far!  They were Baer tested, cerf'd, microchipped and had their last vet exam at Tyburn Woods.  Harry  was first to leave with his new family outside of Pittsburgh, PA.  Wills left the next morning and fared an 11 hour ride to his new home in Winterville, NC    Pippa next left for her new home in Slippery Rock, PA but she comes to visit everyday.  How lucky are we?  Sid isn't so sure.  Kate has also left for her new home in Wheeling, WV.