Welcome to Tyburn Woods Havana Silk Dogs.    We are located in Pennsylvania outside of Pittsburgh.   My husband is Peter Kalis and my name is Mary O'Day.    We raised Newfoundlands for the last 25 years and when we got a home  in Florida, where we spend more than half of the year, we decided we needed to downsize our dogs when our last Newfoundlands passed away.  We wanted dogs that could fly back and forth under the seat with us so we would not need to leave them behind.   We began our search for the perfect portable dog but since we were big dog people we wanted a sturdy small dog but with the dignity, loyalty and sweetness of our Newfoundlands.  We spent many years researching small breeds and we were especially interested in getting the healthiest breed we could find.  Our last two Newfoundlands died at the ages of 11 and 12 in 2008 and 2009 and by then we had decided to get our first Havana Silk Dog ("Silk".).  Our search culminated with us finding and acquiring our first Silk, Sidney, in April of 2009.  Sidney came to us during the Pittsburgh Penguins'  run for the Stanley Cup so we named him after their young charismatic center, Sidney Crosby.  Our Sid and Sidney Crosby are both dark headed and very handsome and sturdy and tough boys.  It was love at first sight.  We had been involved in confirmation, obedience and therapy work with our Newfoundlands so we were also interested in a smart dog that was eager to please and train.  We started showing Sid in July of 2009 and met a wonderful community of people in the Havana Silk Dog Association of America (HSDAA.)  We acquired our second stud dog, Aidan, in June of 2010.  We co-own Aidan with my niece Liz Heinauer and he lives with Liz.  In August of 2010 our little girl, Genevieve ("Genny"), came into our lives.  Since then Genny has had two litters and our world has further expanded and become enriched through these wonderful little dogs.   Each of our dogs is a certified Havana Silk Dog.   Here are our Silks and if you want more information on any of them click on their links above or pictures below.  Our goal as breeders to do produce healthy, sound dogs with wonderful temperaments. 


Genny wins first ever HSDAA BISS and is awarded her Silver Grand Championship at Nationals in 2014

Crosby wins BISS and Best Bred By and is awarded his Grand Championship at Nationals 2014

The Masters Winners are here born 4/12/2015

Click the picture to see our latest litter